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Tiggy's Place first opened in 1994 as a licenced, local authority approved Boarding Cattery, We run from a private family home and can therefore offer 24 hour security and supervision.

We open between 11:00am and 1:00pm and 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday and from 11:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. We offer a home collections/redeliveries for those of over 65 years, or with disabilities. This is offered Monday to Friday only.

The cats are housed in three separate buildings, so we can meet their varied preferences of size and indoor/outdoor locations. All units have individual heaters, and the Indoor Cattery has Air Conditioning in summer. Portable fans and free-standing halogen heaters are also used in the service passages, as required.

All units are at least 6 feet high, and each features a bedroom, and an individual exercise area. We have larger units which are designed for two cats from one household. However, we would never house two cats from DIFFERENT households in the same unit.

Following requests from owners of more elderly or infirm cats, we now have 'bungalow' accommodation which has the SAME area in total as the two storey units but is all at ground level. Therefore cats who can no longer climb or jump can make full and easy use of their entire living area.

Our 'guests' are fed, cleaned out, and generally attended to twice per day. Their diet is based on proprietary brand tinned food such as Whiskas or Felix, or pouches. We have an excellent range of dried foods such as Royal Canin, Hills, Iams, and Whiskas, of various flavours and relatedness to age or condition. We also provide dry 'mixes' for adults, seniors kitten and slimmers which are made up of all our dried food that fits into the appropriate age category, plus Oral Care and Hairball.

The inclusive price also includes fresh food such as tuna or chicken on Sunday. We provide more expensive pouches at a small extra daily cost per capita, and can also serve fresh-food meals at other times, at your request.

We are also happy to give insulin injections, or other prescribed pills at no extra cost. If you wish us to groom your cats this is also free, but we do ask that your provide their own brushes/combs. If your flea/worm protection runs out whilst your cat is with us, please let us know, and we will administer it. Please feel free to bring along their treasured toys, but do ensure that they are clearly named.

We also ask that you bring your pet(s) own bedding, and perhaps a spare towel or blanket if the stay is for longer than a week.

We welcome you to view, but ask if you would ring to make an appointment. This allows us to offer a more efficient service to everyone.

At the moment we have four much loved cats of our own - Tribble, Custer, Moth and Misty. We give you the cat-lovers promise that we will care for your pets as we care for our own.

Small Animal Centre
(e.g. Rabbits, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs)

We provide cages, inside/outside runs, all fresh & dried food including Hay, Straw etc.

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